HP/UX Performance Analysis: Glance, MeasureWare and PerfView


Outlined here are a few spare notes regarding performance analysis on HP/UX 10.20 to 11i.


Glance is an HP performance measuring tool, analogous to top. Unfortunately, it ironically can cause performance problems if run with too rapid a refresh rate. There, it can be useful to run it at a longer interval:

  # glance -j 60

Glance Shortcut Keys

Key Function
a all CPU detail
c CPU report
d Disk report (–> b: buffer cache page)
g global process list (initial screen)
i I/O by filesystem
j adjust data refresh interval
l LAN: Network by interface
m Memory report
M Single process memory details
N global NFS activity
n NFS by system
o change process listing hresholds
s single process details
t system table utilisation
u I/O by disk
v I/O by logical volume
w swap report
W single process wait states
y renice a process


MeasureWare does not always shut down completely cleanly. It can be shutdown like this:

    # mwa stop all
    # ttd -k
    # midaemon -T


PerfView parameter: /var/opt/perf/parm

This specifies groups of processes. It can be viewed in glance with “A”. Will update glance immediately next time glance is run. Scopeux: process uses parm to log results in datafiles. Restart with:

# mwa restart scope

Extracting data (from logfiles)

  # extract -f ,purge -r /var/opt/perf/reptfile \
           -xp d-1 -A -G  (where A=application, G=global)

Generating alarm reports

  # utility -x  -D -b today -xa  (-e tomorrow)

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